Getting Loose and Doing Dishes


Woke up a little later than I would have liked this morning, so I decided to jump on a mat first thing and get moving. I am no yoga expert and I don’t get to an actual studio very often due to day job hours. Thankfully, the world of youtube offers hundreds of different styles and lengths of videos to allow me to fit yoga into my schedule still. I have started to notice that my body needs it. I am a bad bad girl and don’t stretch after running or workouts nearly as much as I should. My tight muscles along with my tendency to carry stress and worries with me everywhere makes yoga a relaxing, but still physical and effective workout. I have a few channels that I’m subscribed to, and I pick from one each time I decided to get loose. My favorites are Yoga with Adriene,, Kino Yoga (who I also follow on my Instagram) and Ali Kamenova. I still try and get to a studio when I can, because the feeling of togetherness when you are doing yoga with a room full of others with the same goal is unmatchable. But in the meantime using the great offerings of the internet and being able to get off the damn couch, even if you’re still in the living room, if a good move in my book. Then, for a little extra arm workout I scrubbed some dishes. Definitely had sore forearms from rock climbing last night, and the last pot really let me know they were still there. If you check out any of the channels I linked let me know how you liked them, or how you got off the damn couch today in the comments!


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