Netflix Boredom Recommendations


I am constantly asking my friends and family for shows and movies to watch next on Netflix (I’ll admit, I’m addicted). Soo I thought it would be nice to throw some out there for anyone looking for something new to watch too.

1. Breaking Bad : If you haven’t already (where have you been?!) do it. Just do it.

2. The Office : Once again I don’t know where you’ve been living if you haven’t at least watched one episode, but this show is on another level. Its a comedy so of course it’s funny, but it manages to be while still developing characters and getting you invested in them (Some serious feels in here).

3. Bob’s Burger : Tina is my spirt animal. This is my favorite animated show ever, yes I said ever. It’s about a family that work/lives above a burger joint, but the show is rarely ever solely focused on that. For me, the characters are relatable and hilarious since I come from a pretty weird bunch. Although I wouldn’t recommend for “children”, teenagers and above should be able to appreciate and know better than to repeat if the odd adult joke goes a little far.

4. Mr. Nobody : As a fan of “Requiem for a Dream” (not on Netflix, but if you have the chance watch it) this cerebral thriller is out there, in a great way. Its not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m not going to even try to explain the plot, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

5. Upstream Color : This is another WTF kind of movie. I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure what actually happens. It’s a mind control/social experiment/identity theft/screw you up type of move. Confused yet? I am. Just press play.

6. The Mind of a Chef : Being a HUGE fan of anything Anthony Bourdain does, the fact that he produced and narrated this show was a big part of why I watched to begin with, but the chefs featured (and who’s kidding, the eyegasam inducing food too) kept me watching. Go PBS!!

7. Three Stars : I am a foodie at heart and stuff like this really gets me going. This is a semi documentary about restaurants trying/or talking about having 3 Michelin Stars, aka the highest award a chef/restaurant can attain. Drool and travel fantasy inducing

This is not an all inclusive list, just a few to get you started. I couldn’t list all the things I’ve loved on Netflix.

If you would like a list of what to watch on Amazon Prime, or just a favorite movies to TV shows list, let me know in the comments. Hope this helps you find something new!


2 thoughts on “Netflix Boredom Recommendations

  1. Ohh, I also love Netflix! What a great invention that is:)
    We watched Mr. Nobody just a couple of weeks ago actually. Not sure I completely understood everything, but I did really like it. Requiem is right up there among my favorite movies as well.
    The Office is great of course! Haven’t watch Bob’s Burgers myself, but my boyfriend is a huge fan. I would probably love it though, as it’s a little similar to Archer I think. Really wish they had Frisky Dingo on there as well, but it might be “a little too much” for Netflix;)
    The rest of the titles are mostly unknown to me, but I will check if I can find them. The selection is a little different in Norway than in America. Longing for new things to watch!

    Right now we’re nearing the end of Twin Peaks!! I remember watching is when I was around 11, and it scared me half to death! It’s not so scary anymore, but still one of my favorites:) Love David Lynch:)

    If you’re looking for some real entertainment I would also definitely check out Sharknado! There’s no end to the amount of stupid in that one, but jeez what a good laugh 😀


    1. I don’t know if Mr. Nobody is meant to be understood or not haha. And Requiem is an old fave.
      I haven’t watch Twin Peaks in forever! I will add that to the list.
      I found a new one on there two days ago called Peaky Blinders. Its set in England back in the day and is centered around a family “gang”. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I am throughly entertained so far.
      Ohhh Sharknado. What a ridiculous clusterfuck of a movie. Laughing at the effects is fun though 🙂
      Thanks for the read and the suggestions too!


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