Vegetarian Noms and Where I Found the Recipes!


I have been trying to get out of my non-cooking/pre-packaged food funk for a while now. I don’t know if I just became lazy, or hadn’t found any recipes that really inspired me to put in the effort and get my hands dirty. I was browsing the interweb out of boredom, as one often does, and stumbled onto the most fantastic site!

The Everygirl has hundred of articles about fashion, lifestyle, makeup, and most importantly for me, FOOD. The particular article I found was 10 Vegetarian Meals for less than $50 Dollars (Score!). Firstly, who doesn’t like to save a buck? Secondly, let me assure you that although these recipes may seem more advanced than simply throwing something in the microwave (and they are, but so worth it) they are easily accomplished with minor skills and almost zero fancy kitchen tools. The only thing I needed to use that wasn’t a cooking utensil or pot/pan was a grater. I have made the black bean burgers w/ sweet potato fries, risotto primavera, and zucchini fritters this week, and was blown away by each one!

Now my boyfriend is a carnivore, and is extremely against any kind of all veggie dish. I like to be able to eat at least the same base dinner as each other as much as possible, with the addition of meat for his portion, so I am not spending double on groceries and wasting tons of extra from leftovers of recipes. I added chicken to his risotto and a side of chicken with his zucchini fritters, but left the black bean burger as is, and he loved all three of them (said the risotto was his favorite thing I had made in a while). He devoured the black bean burger and enjoyed every bite. I was a very happy camper.

I will continue to peruse this site in the future for more inspiration, and will definitely be adding those three recipes to my permanent rotation!

Check the site out and let me know what you think!


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