Bootie Lust List

I have been dealing with a serious obsession with finding the perfect bootie lately. Keeping me up all night, making me waste countless hours online, dreaming about them… well maybe not dreaming, yet anyway. I figured this struggle must be real for other out there, so I thought why not share some of my favorites I’ve found so far.

Bootie Lust List

I like simple, mostly black, thicker heel (with some hight cause I’m a shorty) booties with a classic look that I know will last. Now only the “Underneath” bootie is vegan, so I’ll be using these as more inspirational than a list to shop by. Before I go out and buy a pair of them I want to make sure I have pinpointed the exact style/heel height that I really really want. I’m of the mindset that I’d rather have one more expensive high quality pair, than multiple cheap pairs.

Let me know if you have any booties you’ve been lusting over, or if you’ve found a pair you can’t live without!


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