What may be the biggest accomplishment of my life so far…

This is a post about my first time.

Never before in my life had I been able to accomplish such a feat. I had gotten close, but something always prevented this grand moment from actually happening.

I finished an ENTIRE lip balm! Yes, you read that correctly! The whole damn thing, down to the packaging.


Now I have/have had a lot of lip balms. (See photo of current collection below as proof)


I have used the Nivea “Kiss of…” range for years and until recently the “Kiss of Honey” was my favorite. I was not prepared for the adoration I would feel when Nivea rolled out the “Kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon”.


I had an extremely hard time finding it when it first launched, but when I did finally find it, my life changed forever. It has the same feel as the others balms in this range, although slightly less heavy without sacrificing hydration. The scent, to me, smells very far from olive oil and lemon. I can slightly smell the olive oil, and the texture on the lips feels similar to olive oil, but the scent has amazing light floral notes that aren’t over powering. The scent does linger on the lips, so if you aren’t a fan of similar scents I would stay away. But this sent is so uplifting and subtle that it immediately put me in a better mood (and made my always chapped lips smooth and plump. Now this balm is green…like all the way green. And in the photo above, I scrapped the packaging out to show this. But it transfers none of this color to the lips. No matter how many layers I put on it was always clear, which is just fine with me. I used this balm as much as I could without de-poting the remaining product into a smaller tub, which I didn’t have on hand. There was a good amount still left that twisting up could not produce, but not enough in my mind to be wasteful, or cheat you out of a bunch of product that you paid for. I didn’t record a start date, but I believe it took me right at a year to use it all up.

I don’t know if my love or this product or the fact that I didn’t lose it contributed more to it being the first lip balm I’ve finished, but I am happy that this was the one either way.

Now I won’t be repurchasing this lip balm for the simple fact that Nivea (who is owned Bybeiersdorf) say they do not test their products on animals, but some of the ingredients in their products may be tested on animals. For me, this isn’t something I’m okay with so I will be looking into other products that are entirely cruelty free.

So far I’ve been eyeing up the Burt’s Bees range of lip balms and I am hoping to get a tinted one next. I don’t wear a lot of make up at work and I feel like a little color on the lips might save me from looking so haggard. And as far as a lip treatment goes, the Yes to Coconut Cooling Lip Oil has had positive reviews on Nouveau Cheap (great blog! check out if you haven’t already!) and on the Yes to… website.

Let me know in the comments if you have found a cruelty free lip balm you can’t live without, or if you have ever finished a lip balm before and which one it was!


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