The Body Shop Haul/Review


I recently stumbled upon a Groupon for The Body Shop, showing that once again if you check Groupon once a month you may randomly find something amazing.

The deal was $25 for $50 worth of products (you choose the products obviously), which I think is an absolute steal because most of their products (other than travel sizes) are over $20. Now this Groupon is only good in store, so no online purchases, and can’t be used in combination with any other offers.

I have been wanting to get a body butter and shower gel from them for forever so I knew that was happening. And I had heard great reviews for their Vitamin E Serum in Oil (even from people with oily skin) and wanted to check that out as well.

I originally went in with the intention of buying the body butter and shower gel in the Argan oil “scent” but after lengthy sniffs of almost everything they had, I fell for the Almond instead.

It is a light sent with an underlying sweet note. Not too nutty, and simple enough to go with whatever perfume I want to layer on top without fighting or changing the scent of it.

The body butter is thick and luxurious but sinks in without too much effort, especially if you use it right when you get out of the shower. The scent sticks around but isn’t over powering.

The shower gel lathers well with only a small amount of product. I feel like the best results are achieved with the use of a poof. The scent is light just like the body butter, but I don’t think it sticks around on the skin, which is fine with me. Felt clean afterward, so it gets the job done.

The serum  is unscented (at least to my nose). It sinks in quickly and lays nicely underneath my moisturizer. Added benefit, it adds more slip to my undereye area and makes putting on my Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin Eye Balm SUPER easy! Now I’ve only used it for two nights, but I swear my skins looks brighter and less dull when I wake up. I have oily skin and this hasn’t made me break out or become an oil slick. When I wake up my skin is dewey but not “oily”. I wouldn’t use this during the day, just because I’m sure I would eventually get oily with this over my 12 hour shifts.

The body butter was $22 the shower gel was $8 and the serum was $22 so with tax and minus the $50 groupon I spent $5 and some change for everything that day, and only $25 on the groupon ($30 total) Overall win in my book! Love the products and look forward to trying more from the company!

Now The Body Shop itself is cruelty free, but its parent company is not. I’m not one to punish the child for the sins of the father, so I will buy from and support them as long as they remain true to their roots and cruelty free. They are also very active in supporting fair trade ingredients, promoting sustainability, and defending human rights, along with other charitable endeavors, which is even more of a reason to buy from them in my mind.

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite products from The Body Shop that you think I should check out.


3 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul/Review

  1. You temptress, you.. Now I have to stop by The Body Shop tomorrow and buy myself an early christmas present;) Winter and dry air makes my skin scream for some good products, and I will for sure get a body butter. I’ll have a sniff around to check out the different scents, but if I remember correctly the almond is good. Not too over powering as you say.
    Having a job where I have to be on my feet all day made me get the peppermint foot soak and the peppermint foot rescue (cream), and they are amazing. Cooling and refreshing for tired little feet;)
    I didn’t know that about the parent company though.. it’s surprising based on the profile The Body Shop has, but as you say you can’t punish the child for the sins of the father. Only wish more companies would follow them and put cruelty free on the agenda.

    Thanks again for some good inspiration! Soon I will be making the vegetarian stew as well, and I will let you know how it was recieved:)


    1. I need some more good foot products in my life so I will have to check those out! I know I’m a bad influence, but hey, we all deserve to treat and pamper ourselves every now and then.

      I completely agree that big companies need to realize that there are ways to make amazing products without unnecessarily harming defenseless animals. But I know that until the demand for cruelty free products rises they won’t take notice or have a reason (other than simple empathy and humanity) to stop testing on animals. So I try to do my part to make posts about amazing things that are cruelty free and really work!
      My view is, if you have a choice of what to use why not pick the one that is cruelty free?

      And Yes! Let me know how the stew goes over! Thank you again for your continued support and comments. One of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging was to be able to talk to people. It makes it so much more interesting and worthwhile to me to interact with those that read what I have to say!


  2. I agree with you, and am so happy that you put focus on this! And it always amazes me how little people care about this.. Me and my boyfriend are known as “the weird ones” among our friends for trying our best to avoid products like this. We are also met with a laugh and a “whyyyyyyy” when we say we’re down to two dinners a week that contains meat, and that the meat we buy is mostly from small local farms that we know treat their animals as good as possible, But this is the main problem I have with Norway.. It’s a great country (and yes, we have northern lights;)), but animal welfare is far down on the agenda among the politicians. We still have whaling, furfarms, and we are about to hunt the natural predators here (like wolf, lynx and bears) into extinction. They are redlisted here, but it’s still ok to hunt them.. logic? Nope! Sorry about the rant 😉

    On a different note, the stew was so yummy!! It’s the first time I eat black eyed peas, and they were so tasty:) There’s gonna be alot more food containing them. Bet they are great in salads?:)
    And I went with the Shea products. Fell completely in love with the scent. Scrub, shower cream, body butter, lip butter, body mist.. I went a bit crazy;) Feel more relaxed than in forever.
    Thanks for the inspiration, it was needed:)


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