Current Favorite Female Artists

I have been finding a lot of new female artists that I am quite enjoying lately, so I thought why not share?



First off, love her classic monochrome style and bold brows. Points already. I was lured in by her sultry but light voice with electronic and R&B back beats. Her album Goddess offers everything from power ballads to girl anthems, heart break to new love butterflies and old love reminiscing. My power song is the title track Goddess. I like to play it when I get ready for a night out. For some reason it’s a confidence booster for me. I also enjoy Bedroom Wall. Sweet, lovey, mushy kind of song. Good stuff.

FKA Twigs


Her songs and style are one in the same. Quirky. And I absolutely love it. Formerly a backup dancer she finally showed the world an even bigger talent. Funk electronic hip-hop is the way I would describe her sound. Her voice is etherial. Angel like even. Fantastic music to drive, chill, or in my case hoop to (yep, I’m one of those people). With her background as a dancer I don’t think it’s any coincidence that some of the songs make me want to break out into interpretive dance. Two Weeks is a feel good jam for me. Instantly puts me in a better mood. Kicks is sentimental and takes me back to an earlier time in my life. Very melodic and soothing in a way. The first song I heard by her was Papi Pacify, which if I’m honest is a very “sexy time” ish song (and the video shows this off beautifully). It comes off as a warm, longing song to a lover. Very nice. All of her music videos are visually sunning and well thought out. Check um out.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo

You’ve probably heard her music already even if you don’t know it. Her beautiful song Habits was remixed by Hippie Sabotage (who I’m a fan of also) and is now in clubs, and on the radio everywhere (even in Wal-mart?!). Unlike most songs that become heavily remixed I love the original and the remix equally. Her lyrics are raunchy and rough, but her supremely feminine voice smoothes them over and takes it to another level. I love a girl with a sailor’s mouth, so she is a winner for sure. I do have to say one of my favorites is Habits. I love the original which showcases her beautiful voice and coarse lyrics, and I’ll put on the remix to lift my sprits or jam out. Scream My Name is a light reflective song that dives into a great heavy breakdown with strong vocals to hit you hard. Run On Love is another dance your ass song with a nice “Tiesto” era beat to it. Out Of Mind is a bittersweet and tender break up song that I think anyone can relate to. Like FKA Twigs she’s got some well put together videos that showcase her amazing hair and badass attitude.

Let me know if you check them out, or if you have any favorites you think I need to check out!


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