I’m a Planner Planner.


I love organizing. Everything in its special place, labeled, filed away, planned out for months, etc… I have also found that it is akin to therapy for combating my anxiety so come December I check out whats new in planners and see which one I’m gunna abuse for the coming new year.

I had an Erin Condren Planner for 2014 (weird talking about it in past tense already) and it was well loved. I enjoyed all of the stickers and bright colors and thoughtful quotes sprinkled throughout, but I knew I wanted to change it up, simply because for 2015.

I looked at Plum Paper Designs and I loved the fact that you could change the layout of the pages! Super cute cover designs too. But still not quite what I was looking for.

Then I looked into making my own planner by printing off premade planner pages from a blog or something and putting them into a binder. The more I looked the more I knew the flexibility that comes with DIY planner making was right up my alley.

I stumbled upon an amazing blog called “The Handmade Home“. Super cute chick with a super cute family and a well put together and info filled blog. She put out a free printable planner last year (which is how I found the blog originally), and wowed me with her update for 2015. I adore the color scheme and the hexagon pattern. Her quotes are even more insightful (to me anyway) than the Erin Condren ones, and her PDFs are clear as day and print perfectly.

This layout became my chosen one per say and I tinkered around with a few others, but always came back to her amazing style. Once I knew I would be printing her planner, I next had to select the perfect paper to print it on, and a binder to put it in (yes they matter just as much!).

I did some googling about paper, and it seemed that a slightly heavier weight and brighter, well brightness than standard ole printer paper lends itself to the perfect thickness as to not let pens bleed through, but still light and thin enough to not make my planner weigh 50lbs and force me to use a larger than 1 inch binder. The brightness factor only ensured that the colors I loved so much from her design really came through and showed up exactly how I envisioned them. Again, this matters in my world.

I selected  the HP All-In-One Printing  Paper. It’s got 97 brightness and a 22b weight, so its slightly thicker than regular paper, and it works like a dream. No bleed through and colors look perfect.

Onto binder choosing! Now, I will have to admit that a little bit of “fate” came into play here as I went into target with no real idea in mind other than I wanted it to go with the color scheme and be 1 inch. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a duel colored purple/hot pink planner that boasted an additional fold out clear sleeve leaf inside. I was, of course, immediately    intrigued. It’s called the Mead 1″ + folder extension binder. This added feature, and the colored binder spine, made this an easy choice for me.


It took a while to print a whole year off, but I expected that. After putting it all together and writing in all my crap I can say that I am completely happy with my choices and look forward to using this for the rest of 2015.

This post is long enough, so without going into too much detail I will link the rest of my favorite misc. planner essentials below so you can check those out if you’re interested.

Favorite PensPhoto StickersWashi Tape – Exercise and Reading Planner Pages

Again thanks for reading and happy planning!!!


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