Resolution Exercise 2015!

I am happiest when I am active, or outdoors (preferably both). Last year I had a spell of great running motivation and ran at least 2 miles a day for a month or so. After slacking at the end of the year, and feeling the effects of sitting at a desk for 12 hour shifts, I decided I wanted to at least strive towards being more consistent with my workouts in 2015. I don’t want to hold myself to a strict schedule that I know I’ll tire of and then quit, so I thought I would share my low intensity consistency plan incase anyone else needs motivation or simply a plan.

Days that I work I have been doing some kind of stretching or yoga upon getting out of bed. Just helps we wake up and get motivation to get ready. While I’m at work I have been more mindful of how long I’ve been sitting and then forcing myself to get up and move every hour or so and walk around my office or do some squats behind my desk. Then when I get home I try to stay active and do 20 minutes of hooping. I’m trying to work up to 30 minutes straight, but man, its actually a bit of a burn.

On my off days I have been rotating between leg/glutes, arms/shoulders, and abs/core. I have found all of the simple moves online and made a “routine” out of them that I repeat about 2-3 times (or until my muscles are quivering), and none of them require anything more than 5 pound hand weights.

Simple, easy, and hopefully maintainable.

Here’s to the new year and a more healthy you!


2 thoughts on “Resolution Exercise 2015!

  1. Ahh, I needed to read up on some exercise tips! Gives me a little kick in the bum;) Motivation is a huge problem this time of the year.. We have the two darkest months ahead of us, it’s cold and it makes everyone here sooo sleepy and lazy. I normally do some strenght/core exercises, yoga and running in the summer. One fun thing that’s possible to do at home as well is 10 wallballs/squats and 10 push ups (I do most with knees in the floor though) then repeat for 10 times as fast as you can, so you do a total of 100 each:) I’m joining a new gym closer to where I live next month and then I’ll be “back in b” 😉

    Anne (FriskyDinfu)


  2. I agree with the winter gloom. I struggle sooooo hard to exercise during the winter. Mostly because I like to run outside or at parks, and I simply cannot run when it is cold or even chilly. Indoor exercising is the only way I can keep it up in the colder months. I want to get a medicine ball and a kettle bell at some point too. Having multiple “toys” to use keeps me into it too.


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