I’m a 24 year old living in Greensboro, NC by way of Alabama originally. I moved from Alabama to Virginia in my early teens with my mother, then to Tennessee in my mid-teens with my dad, theeeeen to NC with my mother in my late teens (I’m a gypsy, what can I say?) I enjoy new places and faces, and I get restless easily so moving within the state or into another is my forte. I’m a vegetarian and cruelty free supporter. I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean, as my Pisces sign would suggest. I’m always in my head, and it’s always up in the clouds. I’m a random/dork/weirdo, but I promise that can be more endearing than it sounds. I’ve got a sailor’s mouth and lot’s of opinions, so while I’m sure to offend you at some point, don’t take it personally.

I have a fantastically dapper boyfriend who is quite active on the YouTubes (check him out here).

This blog will showcase things I like, shit I enjoy, and thoughts I recommend others think. Read some posts for fun times all around!


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