Closet Purge, and Creating a Minimal Wardrobe.

Pile of clothes

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

I am a clothing hoarder. I form unnatural emotional and sentimental bonds with physical pieces of fabric.

But really, I hold onto out of style, ill fitting, uncomfortable clothes because I feel connections with where I have worn said item and how I felt at that time. Even though I won’t ever wear it again, or it looks horrible on me (seriously wtf was I thinking), or I only wear it once a year because everything else is dirty or I think “oh I haven’t worn this in forever, better put it on”.

I have been looking into the minimalist wardrobe theory for a while now, and for some reason I had a fire lit under me to get on it recently.

First I made piles of things I knew I needed to get rid of. Then I looked through what was left and took more. And more. And more. I was really hard on myself, and my clothing, and only kept things I wear all the time, and I know are classic pieces that would go with a lot.

I ended up with a pile consisting of

  1. 9 Dresses
  2. 13 Long Sleeve Shirts
  3. 20 Short Sleeve Shirts
  4. 7 Jackets
  5. 2 Scarves
  6. 2 Pairs of Jeans
  7. 3 Skirts
  8. 4 Pairs of Shorts
  9. 1 Vest (why was this even purchased to begin with lol)
  10. 9 Purses and 1 Wallet
  11. 9 Pairs of Shoes

Whew. Are you exhausted from that? I know I am

Then came the purge! I took all of my items to Uptown Cheapskates then what they didn’t  take I hauled over to Plato’s closet.

Together they gave me $70 for 2 purses, 5 dresses, 12 SS shirts, 3 jackets, 1 scarf, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of shorts. Needless to say I was pleased with my earnings on old clothes I wasn’t wearing anyway. Very liberating. I took the remaining clothing and shoes to Goodwill for donation.

I now have holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled, and the cash I earned from the old stuff with be going towards filling them. I will be investing in classic, well made (even if slightly more expensive) things that I know will last forever and making sure that each item I buy can work with multiple other pieces to make the most out of my outfit choices.

I haven’t narrowed down my closet to a set list of 30 must haves, but I am using this list from the House for Five blog as a general guide to making it.

Let me know if you have purged lately, and how it made you feel in the comments!


I think I may have found my booties!


More Shoes

Old navy boots

Soo, after long exhaustive searches online I was over the whole search for the perfect pairs of booties thing. The BF and I meandered to Target yesterday afternoon and of course I had looked online at their stock, and I liked a few, but the heels seemed a tad too short and they weren’t available in store to try on. After that fail we waltzed over to the Old Navy that is next door and lo and behold…a pair of nude booties.

A deal at $31 something. They were 20% off in store and are still available in store and online (although the online price is listed as $39) I still think they are worth it at that price if you can’t get to a store. I was so excited, but my extra money was already allocated to other bills and household items, so I was set on going back and getting them next friday with the new paycheck. I guess seeing my excitement, my boyfriend all but insisted that he buy them for me. EEP!! Much excite.

They are made of fully synthetic materials and have a three inch heel with a side zip. I am a true size 7 and their 7 fit perfectly! Generous footbed padding and seemingly solid construction for a pair so cheap. I have already tried them on with two looks and they look great. Wore them out last night to a movie and dinner. While they fit perfectly with the outfit I wore, I realized that they wouldn’t go with much else (if anything) in my wardrobe. And I love them, but I need some that are more versatile.

I headed over to the website to see if I could find anything else. Boy did I. I have recently emptied out my closet and drawers and have allocated a heaping pile of things to take to a consignment shop (blog about that to follow) and I know that when all the extra is gone, I will have gaps in my wardrobe that need to be filled. I found a great looking pair of “oxford” flats that I am heavily debating. I need a new pair of plain black flats, and I feel the look of these will dress up an outfit with no effort. Aaaaand I also found another pair of booties. These are in black, which is what I was looking for to begin with (having nude ones is a huge look expanding plus though!). They are made of all synthetic materials as well with a faux suede texture and belting around the ankle. I feel these are less dressy than the nude ones but still with the 3 in heel, and will fit my more casual existing wardrobe. Heavily debating these…

To be honest, they have the same pair in a contrasting brown color scheme too that I can’t keep my eyes off either, but as of right now the black ones will go with more of what I have and are basics that won’t ever go out of style.

I am so excited I found these! Let me know if you check them out, or have a pair already, and what your thoughts are about them. And obviously, let me know if you have found any vegan flats or booties worth taking note of!

Bootie Lust List

I have been dealing with a serious obsession with finding the perfect bootie lately. Keeping me up all night, making me waste countless hours online, dreaming about them… well maybe not dreaming, yet anyway. I figured this struggle must be real for other out there, so I thought why not share some of my favorites I’ve found so far.

Bootie Lust List

I like simple, mostly black, thicker heel (with some hight cause I’m a shorty) booties with a classic look that I know will last. Now only the “Underneath” bootie is vegan, so I’ll be using these as more inspirational than a list to shop by. Before I go out and buy a pair of them I want to make sure I have pinpointed the exact style/heel height that I really really want. I’m of the mindset that I’d rather have one more expensive high quality pair, than multiple cheap pairs.

Let me know if you have any booties you’ve been lusting over, or if you’ve found a pair you can’t live without!