Resolution Exercise 2015!

I am happiest when I am active, or outdoors (preferably both). Last year I had a spell of great running motivation and ran at least 2 miles a day for a month or so. After slacking at the end of the year, and feeling the effects of sitting at a desk for 12 hour shifts, I decided I wanted to at least strive towards being more consistent with my workouts in 2015. I don’t want to hold myself to a strict schedule that I know I’ll tire of and then quit, so I thought I would share my low intensity consistency plan incase anyone else needs motivation or simply a plan.

Days that I work I have been doing some kind of stretching or yoga upon getting out of bed. Just helps we wake up and get motivation to get ready. While I’m at work I have been more mindful of how long I’ve been sitting and then forcing myself to get up and move every hour or so and walk around my office or do some squats behind my desk. Then when I get home I try to stay active and do 20 minutes of hooping. I’m trying to work up to 30 minutes straight, but man, its actually a bit of a burn.

On my off days I have been rotating between leg/glutes, arms/shoulders, and abs/core. I have found all of the simple moves online and made a “routine” out of them that I repeat about 2-3 times (or until my muscles are quivering), and none of them require anything more than 5 pound hand weights.

Simple, easy, and hopefully maintainable.

Here’s to the new year and a more healthy you!


Mid-Week Workout

I am not a fitness guru, or fanatic, or even avid participant. I like to run, do yoga, and I enjoy rock climbing when my schedule allows but you won’t find me in the gym 5 days a week, or posting selfies with pre workout and protein bars (although there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my jam).

Sooo I was feeling particularly lazy and frustrated that I haven’t done really anything active in a long time, like a month. The shame I felt was real. So I headed over to one of my favorite workout inspiration blog Pumps and Iron and found a great 45 minute treadmill workout that is too good not to share. She posts a ton of other fantastic workouts if running isn’t your thing, so check her out!


Now I know this looks a little crazy, but I swear it isn’t that complicated and having to keep up with the time, incline, and speed makes this go by a lot faster! Now I won’t kid you, I HATE incline running. Maybe its because I don’t do enough of it, or maybe my body just straight up hates it but I can feel a headache coming on just thinking about doing it. That said, this kicked my ass. My legs (and somehow shoulders?!) are sore today. I think it was a good boost for my motivation and maybe, probably, did some good.

Let me know if your try it out, and if you survived!

Getting Loose and Doing Dishes


Woke up a little later than I would have liked this morning, so I decided to jump on a mat first thing and get moving. I am no yoga expert and I don’t get to an actual studio very often due to day job hours. Thankfully, the world of youtube offers hundreds of different styles and lengths of videos to allow me to fit yoga into my schedule still. I have started to notice that my body needs it. I am a bad bad girl and don’t stretch after running or workouts nearly as much as I should. My tight muscles along with my tendency to carry stress and worries with me everywhere makes yoga a relaxing, but still physical and effective workout. I have a few channels that I’m subscribed to, and I pick from one each time I decided to get loose. My favorites are Yoga with Adriene,, Kino Yoga (who I also follow on my Instagram) and Ali Kamenova. I still try and get to a studio when I can, because the feeling of togetherness when you are doing yoga with a room full of others with the same goal is unmatchable. But in the meantime using the great offerings of the internet and being able to get off the damn couch, even if you’re still in the living room, if a good move in my book. Then, for a little extra arm workout I scrubbed some dishes. Definitely had sore forearms from rock climbing last night, and the last pot really let me know they were still there. If you check out any of the channels I linked let me know how you liked them, or how you got off the damn couch today in the comments!

Pinch Holds and Finger Pain


In my quest to get off the damn couch I have been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Rock climbing has become the focus of my attention. It frustrates me, sometimes enrages me, and makes me wince in pain. And at the same time makes me tired in the best way, forces me to think outside the box, and gives me the biggest sense of accomplishment when I finally conquer a route.

Now, my passion for the outdoors and need to try new things is not shared by my friends. Luckily I found a great group on that meets at The Ultimate Climbing Gym here in Greensboro 2x a week. This place is INSANE. If you are in the area, or will be passing through, stop by and at least take a look around this madness. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and no worries if you don’t have gear (or are a total beginner like me). They have gear for rent for super cheap and are willing to help you get started.

I have only been 3 times, but I can see what the draw is. It is addictive. It will piss you off when you can’t complete a route, and will have you obsessing and dreaming about it after you leave. You end up not really having a choice of wether or not to go back. Your brain will not let you rest until you make that route your bitch.

I hope this has inspired you to get off the damn couch and try rock climbing if you haven’t yet, or prompted you to rediscover your love for it, or simply pick up a new hobby and get out there again.

Let me know how you got off the damn couch today in the comments!